Get A Room!

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Description: With all the models shacked up at the Helix Mansion there's bound to be some mild disturbances from the boys' casual encounters and spontaneous hookups. So it's no surprise that when Sage Porter spies Jacob Dixon and Kody Knight sunning themselves naked by the pool that he ambushes the big dick teen studs hoping to find someone to fill his horny little hole. Jacob's cock is there for the taking and Sage doesn't hesitate to get his friend hard for a good fucking. All the slurping and sucking wakes Kody who tells them to get a room so the two tan boys retreat to the pool house for some privacy where Jacob proceeds to give Sage everything he can handle. The summertime sex romp is every twink lovers dream and doesn't end until Jacob finally cums in Sage's grateful mouth. Starring: Jacob Dixon, Sage Porter
Channel: Helix Studio
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